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byrachi1977, June 16, 2012
Jtag Calendar
I have used this extension on a few of my sites and it is worth every cent. The support you get is fantastic and the functionality and look-feel of the calender is so impressive. My clients are in awe when they see all there schedules so well laid out on the page and love how easy it is to use. Top Marks JTAG I wish you could build all my extensions!
byrachi1977, June 13, 2012
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ARTIO Booking
The only reason I give this extension a 'Fair' rating is because the program has serious potential if the support was better. But the support is the worst I have ever encountered. Up to 2 weeks to hear anything back & on the Paid Version. I made several complaints only to be asked if I had posted in the Paid Customer Support Forum and - yes i had, every time. I get the feeling that the developer handpicks who they offer support to by reading these other reviews because as a Paid customer I was promised a 2-3 day turnaround only for requests to be left unanswered for up to 2 weeks. Which delayed the launch of a website and my getting paid for the job also. If you have all the time in the world to wait for support then give this a try - it is the only one like it which is the only reason I perservered. But if you are a professional like me and require better support - look elsewhere.
Owner's reply

Hello, I have to disagree with you.
First, the paid version does not have 2 days guaranteed feedback time - it is Pro version.
Second, you made more than 40 posts on our support forums. Most of them have been answered in timely matter. There may be a few that took longer, but our capacity is limited.
Third, as I reviewed what you were dealing with, it were 2 most often problems, however, neither of them being a direct Booking problem: 1. JavaScript libraries (JQuery vs Mootools) conflict problem, 2. PayPal problem - caused by recent changes at PayPal side. Not mentioning, that the #1 problem is covered in our FAQs: