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byradik10, January 7, 2014
Dizi images gallery
Fantastic and ease to use extension, this is what Joomla must have (ASAP), in core definitely!
But now this component works only with J3.1.x and there are no answers from authors even after long time.
byradik10, November 12, 2011
Simple Image Gallery
Looks good, but if you wanna use it on other than english speaking pages, you must hack the core file for translation (for images on frontend). Standard is to do translation to language files, using languages is necessity in this times...
Also is missing posibility to use other languages (than english) for JavaScripts...
Authors, Please improve this plugin.
byradik10, May 19, 2011
Admin Tools
I like it, e.g. upgrade of Joomla! was never so easy! Also other tools are useful, thanks.
byradik10, May 4, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
It's making my Joomla life better... Absolutely must have extension! Great and fast support. Thanks a lot.
byradik10, November 18, 2010
This is good Component, I like it, is useful, but not working with Mootools 1.2.4
byradik10, November 17, 2010
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- good thing is that it use button for adding files, but…
- Missing automatic correction of file names – removing spaces, eastern special characters… during attaching file in article must be automatic (not going to back-end an fixing these things manually)
- This should be for regular people - users (not only for webmasters) – mean one click during article editing and everything is OK (filenames…)
- do not use tables (files are organized in table) – use divs!
- after installation and attached first file to article there is no chance to see if you added something to article or not – should be displayed automatically in article (not only after “apply” or “save” buttons)
- it will be nice to have possibility to move attachments across the article
- missing freedom in styling of attached articles
- missing possibility to remove (edit, change…) attached file in article – doing this from article (not only in back-end in comoponent)
Owner's reply

It would have been nice to hear some of this issues in the Attachments forums or feature requests on joomlacode before posting them here!
I disagree that using tables for a list of attachments is wrong! All tables are not evil. Using tables to do page layout is bad, but I am using tables appropriately in Attachments to construct a tabular list of attachments. In any case, the lists of attachments are constructed using a view so template overrides can be used to convert to some other layout, if you wish and are willing to write the PHP. The help page also describes how to change the styling using CSS.
Finally, if you are interested in testing a new version that addresses some of the other issues you mentioned, you can send me email: jmcameron a-t jmcameron d-o-t net