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byradioactive, December 1, 2013
This is preety much a useless extension and in my country of residence the authors would be criminally prosecuted based on false advertising, which is equal to fraud.

I was kinda relieved when i saw that the extension was removed from extensions website and i m really not sure why it is back.


1. Extension is preety much useless by it self.
2. You need to buy extra plugins for it to perform anything and that will be again useless if you are not an experienced programmer able to write parsers.
3. Support is non-existent.
4. I have been getting spam emails with links to the same source, while no answer on any of the support questions, altough i have registered my site as requested.
5. Your download is only valid for 3 months. After that time your downloads are disabled and you will need to buy the extension again if you want to download it again.
6. He is also selling addons for the extension that don't even exist as a download on the page.
7. If you want the extension to perfom anything usefull you will spend 150$+.
8. I have removed it from my website altogether, simply beacuse of security reasons.
Owner's reply

Hi, we are doing serious business with this obGrabber Joomla extension and we already addressed every needed information in the pricing page, take a look: for yourself. You won't be writing this review if you read that page before buying the extension. For your question, the extension is always here, never been removed from the extensions directory, I'm not sure if you are a real customer or not.

1. The extension itself is for basic usage to grab from RSS to Content, we offer tools to test if your RSS feed works with the extension, so you will be able to know if it works for you or not.

2. You pay for what you use, and you don't pay for what you don't use; that's what we are doing for our pricing structure.
The builtin HTML Parser is the most awesome and powerful thing in this grabber joomla extension and will need a little bit HTML knowledge to use it in the case your RSS Feed doesn't work with RSS Reader engine.

3. Once again, I'm not sure you are our customer or not since in my check, all tickets have been responded on time (within 24 hours). If there is a bit delay, it's about technical issue, it means we are working on your ticket to resolve your problems.
When you say "Support is non-existent", you seems not our customer at all.

4. Don't understand what you mean, I see no un-responded ticket and no information recognize to "radioactive" in our customer database.

5. Please see #2.

6. Some plugins are no longer working due to discontinued service from 3rd-party such as: Google Translate.

7. Please see #1 & #2 again.

8. I'm so sorry to see you go (if you are our customer but never submit a support ticket which you subscribed for)

Have a good day, everyone.