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byraeldc, August 10, 2010
This is so far my personal favorite CCK after trying almost all of the others.

Because I love it, I would like to provide some constructive critiques.

1. Although you can build unlimited nested categories, its architecture is potentially slow. It is not using MPTT and relies heavily on a one-to-many/many-to-many relationship.

2. Please get some ideas from jSeBlod and Zoo - Installable Apps and CCK Packs. I feel like the power of Flexicontent would be wasted if there is no way to share what the users have done. In jSeblod, you can package your "Content Type and Templates" and then share it.

3. Additional Views would be great for templating. For now there is only "Category" view and "Item" view. If you create templates, you just create views for those 2. But it would be nice if there is "Frontend Form view", "Admin Form View", something like what jSeblod did.

4. For someone who wants to extend Flexicontent, the API is a major concern. The API is easy to use, but it's not that flexible. For example, if I want to create a template and I want to display an image field, the "category view" will always display the small image, the "item view" will always display the medium image, then the large is displayed by clicking on the image as a lightbox. I hope there is a way to specify which image to display on any view but the API doesn't seem to allow for it.

5. Please improve the workflow too. Right now, when you click on "New Item" there is an unnecessary task of "Applying" it first before you can actually create the content. Clicking on "New" should just let you choose which content type you want to create instead of displaying a form and entering the title, selecting the content type, then hitting apply.

Overall, I like Flexicontent because it uses the com_content tables instead of having its own tables for content. It also has a nice balance of features and user-friendliness. I can only hope that this CCK can improve further and become the best CCK available for Joomla.
Owner's reply

First of all, thanks a million for this constructive review. As you took time to analyse the software deep inside, the least I can do is to answer you point by point: ^^
1°- You're right: I'd love to use the MPTT, but I didn't because I wanted to use the standard Joomla! categories table and as you know there there aren't any left and right fields :( Using the categories allow FLEXIcontent to function with fast all standard Joomla modules.
To lower this performance issue all the category tree is cached in a file in the system plugin so that you can know everywhere all parents, children, aso from a specific category without any query.
2°- Hehe, of course that's in progress ;)
3°- Of course it would be better, but it would me more complex to manage for non skilled users. But it's a good idea and I keep it in mind.
4°- I think I've done better than that ^^. You will now be able to use item views to emulate category views. Have a look here:
5°- Right! That's what is done in Mighty Ressources for example. But at the beginning I wanted to load the form through ajax like for the fields. When I discoverered that the addCustomTags method doesn't function in a raw view, I undestood I won't be able to do it :( But I'll study that again as soon I'll get time ^^
THANKS A LOT for supporting the project with very constructive feedbacks like that, I really appreciate!!!