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byrafa3x, December 5, 2006
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Simple Image Gallery
You guys at JoomlaWorks are creating quality stuff. This latest gallery comes seriously close to what I’m looking for. However, not everyone is a fan of the “lightbox.” For starters, it is cumbersome to click on and off again to see the next large image. Yes, I know this is a “simple” image gallery and it seems to be another well executed plug-in for the Joomla architecture. If there were a simple navigation within the “lightbox” to go to the next or previous large image, then it would be 9.0; if there was JavaScript alternative to viewing the large images in a resizable pop-up with simple next/ previous and slideshow/ stop slideshow control, then it would 9.5. A “perfect 10,” in my opinion, would be to add a function for registered users to create their own albums via the front end. Of course, this would no longer be a “simple image gallery” but I would pay money for it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback rafa3x. We are already making 1.1 with all the changes you suggested and some more finetuning, too! Just a note though concerning your last request (10). You can already do that if you give access to your registered users to input content in your site. They simply upload images to a folder through the editor and then call the gallery throught our Simple Image Gallery tags! Right?