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byraghavtomar, January 25, 2012
3 hours since I wrote my first email to the developer, Markus and 21 mails between us since then, my problem has been solved by him sending me a new file to overcome the bug found! Now, how better can customer support get?
As for the extension, it is AWESOME! All I can wonder is how come this is not paid and that too heavily! Serves every purpose it is meant for and then some!
Markus, you are awesome man!
Let me enumerate:
a. Excellent features in the extension
b. Even more awesome support.
c. Great looking user interface.
byraghavtomar, November 8, 2011
Phoca Gallery
I use Joomla! extensively and use a whole lot of extensions from this place every now and then! But today I explored Phoca Gallery to the fullest and I got blown away by the features. Its perfect, awesome and every other great word out there. Sure, there are so many features that you ought to get confused but then, that is what we need!
I haven't had a chance to communicate with the developer directly but he needs to be congratulated without any reservations. And by making such an awesome product available for free, the person has some serious contribution to the Open-source community.
I will be sure to send across whatever financial help I can send when possible.
Kudos to the developers again!