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byrainbaron, January 18, 2008
Core Design Login
I like the look and feel of this. Saves real estate on your site. I'd love to see the mambot function with Mojoblog! The module works fine, overall I'd say download and slot it onto you site.
byrainbaron, August 29, 2007
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Simple RSS Feed Reader
I recently added V1.1 to 'live' after using it on a test server for a while. No complaints worked as planned.

Pros: This just works, simple to follow instructions makes it a breeze to install and configure.

Cons: We installed it on our live site and found it slowed down considerably. Note: This maybe due to the feeder site and not the module itself, so we will be testing more thoroughly on our live enviroment.

Overall: If your looking for a simple feed, then Simple RSS Feed Reader is one to test out.