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byrajasetan, May 14, 2011
This extension make promoting events simple. I in turn simply love it.

The pros:
Maps of the event venue? Check!
Event registration? Got it, and more!
Event list? Sure thing!
Multiple category? Yupp!
Easy to configure and skin? Yes!
Even got mailchimp integration!

The cons:
Since it uses the Nooku framework, if your server is running suhosin, you may need to make adjustments to your php.ini. (I did, but it's really simple)
Your database driver will be changed to MySQLi. (which is actually the recommended driver to use for MySQL server 4.1.3 and newer, so not really sure if it's a minus)
It loads JQuery. (again, not really a minus)

A little problem I faced,
I got a fatal error when first trying to create an event. This is due to the extension requiring the TinyMCE plugin to be enabled (which I didn't).
I contacted support and the problem was fixed in less than an hour. Thankee!

Sum it all up,
Ohanah is a new and promising extension with a great future. I really recommend this rising star.
byrajasetan, May 5, 2011
This extension is Amazing with a capital 'A' once I figured out how to configure the settings according to my site's needs.

It managed to shave 5+ seconds off of the time to load my site. As a comparison, RokGzipper only managed to cut 2+ secs from the same site.

But just remember,
This extension is a tool, a great one, to help tune your site; not a magic wand you simply install and voila! everything's done.

Thank you for sharing this extension!
byrajasetan, April 29, 2011
Installing and configurating this editor was so simple.
The default skin is beautiful, but most of all this editor is intuitive to use.
And once the matching CKFinder is running, it really is a force to be reckoned with.

A joy to use.

The only downside is that it is not as popular in the Joomlasphere as some other editors, thus the lack of plugins.

But CKEditor is still my first choice for my future projects.
byrajasetan, September 24, 2007
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Installing and running this on 1.0.13 for me was as smooth as silk.
The interface is very nice and clean.
The management process is simple.

Can't wait to see what improvements the developer will make in upcoming releases