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byrajnvr, April 18, 2013
I have been using this component since 2012. Though it has lots of features but i explored only a few of them and they very inspirational. For e.g filter records from a huge table based either currently logged in user, user type, user email, root path.

There are plenty of functional attributes could bring more value to this component.

Unlike other component they deliver flash based charts which wouldn't function in iOS based gadgets. This components deliver charts that would across the platform which is a plus.

In addition to the great functionalities inbuilt,if they could render the charts with little animation would bring more value to this component.

Good Job!
byrajnvr, August 20, 2012
Improved AJAX Login & Register
I recently purchased this item after carefully reading all reviews. When I installed on my site, it didn't work exactly the way it is demonstrated.

The module doesn't come with any documentation when you download after the purchase. Hence I tumbled and reached their support team for assistance. Their support team is willing to help me by directly log on into my production site to resolve the problem which we usually don't allow due to some security reasons.

In the mean while we uninstalled and re-installed the module. This time everything went pretty smooth. I don't know why it didn't work for the first time.

I realized why they don't provide documentation when you download since every settings are self explanatory. If installation is successful every navigation is explained promptly on the configuration screen itself. However I recommend to have a small one page documentation to better serve for the people like me.

After through configuration, this module works the way it is defined on their demo site.

A simple & pretty Login module which every Joomla users deserve.

Raja Narayanasamy
I have purchased based on the requirements mentioned in their site but when i installed if there is a category with more than 4 articles its gives 302 error and they are suggesting to disable gzip components i dont want to do.

This is suitable for a basic website not for an advanced one.
Owner's reply

What the customer failed to understand here is that this is not an RSBlog! limitation, but a server limitation. In fact, any other component that generated more content than the 4 RSBlog! articles would have had the same result.

The gzip fails to process the information since there's too much content, but it's because the server is limited in that direction, not RSBlog!

byrajnvr, July 6, 2011
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I'm not an active user of this product but a pro in the real estate industry. I went through the demo website both admin and front end.

search by map is awesome!

property details is fine and very intuitive. I love especially the flyer option.

property listing is OK. One suggestion on that. when i click a property after a search results it navigates to the property detail. But when I go back to previous page, it ask for "conform page resubmission". This should be changed.

Nice Work!! Good Job!
Owner's reply

Hi - thanks for the review. The 'confirm page resubmission' issue is browser related and there is an option to counter that behavior in the IP settings. In addition, active IP subscribers have access to the support forums where we can help solve issues like this.

byrajnvr, August 13, 2010
Component Content Control
My Big THumbsup! for this amazing extension.. It works perfectly as describes.

looking for multiple components adaptability

byrajnvr, August 3, 2010
Indic Writer
I have been eagerly looking for something similar and I found exactly what i want.

Excellent Job!!!!
Realtyna RPL
we have been using this product quite for a while. We are completely impressed with their solutions for realestate markets. Though they are having a well professionally written documents for both front end and admin panel, we always raise a support ticket with them to address our questions (not issues), honestly their turn around time is less than 24 hours with clean answers.

In general as a user, we/I endorse this beautifully craved Joomla Extension wholeheartedly. Its worth buying!