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byralaoups, September 28, 2011
Udja Comments
really good component, you can import Jcomment.
Very simple and easy
byralaoups, September 27, 2011
Just installed this extension for my mainmenu with J1.7.
Easy set-up, differents colors, differents styles, Ready To Run.

thank you
byralaoups, September 27, 2011
Masters Auto Read More
The only one "auto read more" plug in on J 1.7.

Why not putting a box to input thumbs size instead of a CSS ?

Some problems to display intro text when the first image is between .

Need a bit of work. But thanx U
Owner's reply

If you were having trouble displaying intro text, I have a support forum where you can post your concerns which is a more appropriate place. I also have an email address on my website where you can contact me directly. I am more than willing to help if your article's are not displaying properly.

The display problems you are referring to have been corrected in the newest version 4.2.0. If you are having another problem, I can't fix it if I don't know what your problem is. There are also many settings that must be set properly and there is no way for me to know if you have your menu/article options setup properly. Please report this problem in the support forum or email me directly.

The reason why I added a CSS class for the image is because it is the proper way to style an image. You want to separate content from style whenever possible. That is the whole purpose behind having a separate CSS file. By adding "inline styling", which is what you're asking for, you can increase the size of your webpage. Especially if you have multiple articles on one page.

I can easily add an option to add style elements directly as you suggest. Again, I have a support forum that contains a section for feature requests which would be a more appropriate place for this suggestion. The next release will have this as an option.