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byramabg, September 26, 2010
Application integration, friendly user interface, easy configuration, SEF, alot of modification is what Kunena offer. If there is better forum please tell me :D
Owner's reply

We don't know of one. :D

byramabg, May 1, 2010
Now I can attach my article with pdf. That's nice! Unfortunatelly I use flexicontent right now and It seems doesn't support flexicontent in front-end.
byramabg, March 13, 2010
Excellence Extension. My team would be able to upload their file easily without any knowledge of Joomla Back-End. I have suggestions:
1. Enable moving multiple files to another categories.
2. Enable moving multiple sub-categoris to another categories.

This is like moving article to another category in joomla article manager.

Thank you.
Owner's reply

Hello ramabg,
many thanks for your review. When you has questions or suggestions, please post it in the support forum on my site.

byramabg, February 8, 2010
Phoca Download
Must have extension for Joomla. Joomla should make this extension as a native feature. Still wondering why people bother using paid DOC*** while Phoca is more powerful and FREE.

Pros (againts DOC***):
1. Front-end upload
2. Many additional feature (tree, article download button, etc)

Cons (againts DOC***):
1. Not nested yet
2. Adding allowed MIMe/extension is tricky. I think Phoca should have configuration allowing all MIMe/ extension.

COns (againts Joomla Category Manager):
Cannot move category to anohter section. Very fatal if I want to move many categories.

Difficultness adding MIME and disability moving category to anohter section lower the score for the best. I would give Phoca 4 Star.