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byramones79, April 25, 2014
Usergroup Selector
This plugin does as it promises - you can give the visitors of your website the ability to select their own user group during registration.
For example, you may want to have 2 main user groups on an ads website - Buyer and Seller. So, with this plugin your users can register themselves as a Buyer or as a Seller. After registration the user is assigned to that user group (Buyer or Seller) automatically.
Also, the development team is very responsive and eager to help users and make the plugin as most useful as possible.
A promising beginning, I can only hope that this plugin will continue to evolve and become one of the popular ones in the JED.
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Thank you very much for your kind words. Your appreciation is meant a lot to us and it will go long way to motivate us to keep doing good work.

byramones79, May 29, 2013
PixSearch Ajax Search
I have used this and still do on a J 1.5 website and it works excellent!
Had to spend some time to tweak it up to my requirements, but it works and looks great now. And by tweak I mean only CSS styling, nothing too complex.
If you understand CSS and a little bit of HTML you'll have no problems to set it up.
As I'm migrating my website to J2.5 I'll most definitely use the module again.
Highly recommended.
byramones79, September 4, 2011
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Google Maps by Reumer
I used the plugin on a 3-language site, based on Joomla.
The installation was very easy and fast.
First, you can get a little bit confused with all the possible options (they are there for good!), but if you invest some time to figure it out, you'll understand the power, that this plugin gives you at hands.
Of course, it is not needed to know all the options to set up a working Google map on your web site, as the main options become clear quickly, but if you need some advanced tune-up, then you have all the options needed, and that is great.
I had a small issue with Google Maps itself (not with the plugin), because the map showed inaccurate location of the address. I've sent a correction request to Google and received a post card from them with a verification code, to confirm the address.
After that, and with the help of the advanced options in this plugin, I was able to show the correct location (I added lat and lon and switched the geocoding type from Google Geocoder to Local Search).
The author was very responsive and friendly and gave me excellent support to resolve my issue (which was with Google Maps, not with the plugin itself, as I said).
I strongly recommend this plugin for your web site maps solution.
I want to give my thanks to the author and to say, that this supportive, friendly spirit is what makes Open Source so great.
One recommendation for future versions: not a bad idea to separate the options of the plugin into 2 tabs - Basic Options and Advanced. This will help users set-up their maps even faster, as most of them probably won't need to configure the advanced options, or at least won't need to do it in the first-time run.