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byrand486, April 3, 2012
Store Locator
This was exactly what I needed for one of my larger sites - the company has several offices throughout the province.

They responded within hours of my email, ensuring that it would work properly, despite the company's web server using fairly dated technology.

It installed perfectly, even noticing that I had JoomFish installed. I changed a few of the entries in the language file to reflect "offices" instead of a "store".

It's EXTREMELY customizable, so I got it to look as I wanted even without a template override - even let me embed an article above the component in the page.

The dated version of PHP on this particular web server gave the component a few hiccups, but again, I emailed them and within 2 hours, they had produced a fix and very easy instructions on how to do it.

5/5 for sure! It's robust enough that I might even start using it for other features on the site I hadn't even thought of!