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byraschermann, November 30, 2011
Simple Pop-Up
I'm relatively new to Joomla and one of my biggest issues is that nothing seems to work the way you would expect it too. So, with some hesitation I installed and used "Simple Popup Pro." Wow! This is the first extension that I've used that does what it says it does and works the way you would expect it to work. No fussing, just beautiful results.

The support alone was enough to convince me to donate - something I never do. I ran across a strange issue with IE and moo-moo something or other and menus. I figured I would end up chucking the extension but instead I got a new version from the developer in less than 48 hours that worked perfectly!

This experience has done a lot to improve my attitude about Joomla and the Joomla community. Thanks Anders.

I'd also like to thank Darren at Interactive Media for originally finding and reccommending the extension.