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byrasterblaster, February 5, 2011
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Animate on hover
Love this extension, looks very professional and 'high end' I hope this gets rewritten for Joomla 1.6, as when I upgrade my site, I really want to keep using this!
byrasterblaster, May 15, 2010
Great plugin, does what it says on the tin.

Suggestion - possible feature to add is the ability to remove other meta tags to strip out un-needed stuff to speed up the site and get more love from Google.
(for example, is not really needed.. so if we can enter "robots" as a parameter, it will kill that tag?

Fantastic, thanks for creating this. :o)
Owner's reply

Robots huh...

I'll upload version 1.1 in an hour or so, with a robots removal option.

byrasterblaster, September 9, 2009
Cache Cleaner
I used to use the 'core design' cache cleaner on all my sites, but it had 2 big drawbacks...
1) you had to load a large support module to make it work
2) when you click clean, it then gives you a popup saying its done, and you have to click ok - that extra click drove me crazy cause you have to wait for it to show up... arrg!

This module however is much better designed - it just does it when you click on it, has a nice message bar at top of screen that fades in says working and fades out - Love it - just updated my sites to use it... It's a must have module/plugin. (the clean from the front end is a nice touch, doubt I will use it, but brilliant thought!)
byrasterblaster, November 17, 2008
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Modules Anywhere
Wow... its in early beta, and works fantastic..
I needed a way to add my amazon ads(modules) into my content, and it works like a charm (have a look at and see the amazon book ad which is in the article next to it)
this saves me from having it a module and taking up the module space all the way down the screen making my 'article content' area all narrow.

fantastic module! :)
Owner's reply

Well, that's what is designed for: to give you more flexibility and save you time trying to hack the template.
I think the plugin is already late beta now, seeing it's kinda ready to go stable :)

byrasterblaster, April 7, 2008
Its now native 1.5!!! WooHoo!!
I have been putting off installing anything that is not native 1.5 and just noticed as of today this one is now native.

Installed it, and after about 5 min I had Google looking at my new sitemap.
Great work guys... yet to see what Google does once it has analysed it (that usually takes a day or two) but so far so good.

If you want a simple and powerful sitemap for Google and yahoo, this is it.

It also makes a nice HTML one for people too... (inc CSS etc)
byrasterblaster, January 7, 2008
I have to say, chronoforms is impressing me more and more... at first I thought it sucked a bit because it didn't actually MAKE the form, however in their tutorial they mention a free editor that you can use to make a form, and how to cut and paste it in...

So that solved that problem.

The power is in the way you can put the html and all the other stuff, so you can do individual inline CSS styling for your forms and make them look fantastic with your site... an example of what I have done, I still need to do the custom thankyou page, and thankyou email (at this point) however you can see using inline CSS how I have made input boxes with translucent backgrounds, customised submit buttons etc.... and all that was from tweaking one of their 'demo' forms on the site... which is what actually taught me HOW to do inline CSS...

Like everything there is a learning curve.. (but then 6 months ago I was new to joomla, trying to get my head around the difference between article, category, section, modules thinking I am never going to understand this stuff - and now I can do that in my sleep)

I still have heaps more to learn about chronoforms, but I have the basics looking great and working... I can add the other funky stuff later. (the 'examples' submitted by users on their website are great to learn from and modify too!)

'Out of the box' it works great, and if you spend some time you can make it do almost anything you need!