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byraustin1, September 6, 2012
This plugin, like all plugins from NoNumber, is top notch. It works as advertised. It is flexible. It is reliable. Best of all, it's updated regularly!

Keep up the good work Peter!
byraustin1, January 18, 2011
Add FullAjax
This plugin is AWESOME, except for one huge problem. It changes your SEF URLs to not so friendly.

The #ajx that is added into the url is unfortunate, so I won't be using the plugin. If that get's updated, it could really change how we use joomla.
Owner's reply

I added the description about SEO

byraustin1, January 5, 2011
AJAX toggler
I never knew I needed this plug-in until I tried it out. So simple, but so great!

byraustin1, November 30, 2010
Email as Username
I rarely write reviews, but the support I received from Dylan basically required me to do so this time.

The plugin works great and saves our users an unnecessary step. With our particular site, we had some barriers to overcome and Dylan worked patiently and QUICKLY to make it happen.