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byravee1010, October 24, 2014
Carousel CK
By looking at the demo i thought it is not mobile compatible.
Was surprised to see it works very well in mobile too. Great Work ! I recommend this to ALL
byravee1010, October 22, 2014
I like it very much but i belive like others , this is what is causing the redirect to not work !!
byravee1010, October 21, 2014
Animate It!
The plugin is very simple to use and thanks for the editor button.
Because of you all my websites are going to look beautiful in future
byravee1010, October 18, 2014
Art Total Menu Light
I have 2 menus and it automatically picks up the MAIN MENU where as i am looking to have TOP menu selected .
Did not know that here we do not have option to select a menu of our choice!!
byravee1010, October 13, 2014
I was actually looking for a Drag Drop kind of form builder which is free and would not have any backlinks.
This one is not a Drag Drop form builder but has changed my mind and i see that even this is very simple . Its free with lot of options available . I am looking to have a filter for date so that it would not allow to select past date and am going to email the Developer for support!!
Thank You !!
byravee1010, October 13, 2014
OT Testimonial Slider
It just took 5 mins , Very easy to configure. This is exactly wht i was looking for. Looks very cool!!
Thank You very Much !!
byravee1010, October 9, 2014
Simple Mobile Detection
I have to use few extensions that are very good but unfortunately they do not resize or look good in Mobile/Tabs
I have tried hidden-phone in module class suffix but they don't work for all modules . So its better to use this plugin and use a diff template and extensions for mobile and tabs
byravee1010, October 9, 2014
I had some queries about this and contacted Giro , Support is very Good . And also good to know from him that he is working further on this to add FORM BUILDER as it would be easier to make the forms And presently we have to use XML to do it.

Thank You !!
byravee1010, September 29, 2014
Custom Text Button
Wow , simple and useful.
Thank you for this , you rock !!!!
byravee1010, July 26, 2014
Vina Jssor Content Slider
I tried this and it looks very cool , Its simple to configure and did not take any time to get it up and working . Thank You very much
Owner's reply

Thank you very much. Please don't forget visit our website, so much free modules are released every month.

byravee1010, July 23, 2014
Za Trigger Menu
This Menu looks very cool and i tested on my mobile template too. But in mobile it just looks okay as menu items are not aligned to left side
byravee1010, July 16, 2014
->Simple to install and use
->After expertimenting i found this is not for mobiles (it works but we will have horizontal scroll ) , only for desktops
-There are many cool extensions from this dev and most are free ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wanted to say thanks
-> I cannot use the other extensions coz i dont like flash stuffs , this doesnt have flash ........its jquery.
byravee1010, July 13, 2014
List Group Layout is good for mobile and thats what i am using.
Bar Nav is very good if me have logo ........but unfortunately the menu items do not come in center in BAR Nav !!!

Nice start and needs more option for styling the menu .
byravee1010, July 12, 2014
eorisis: jQuery
I had a site with Joomla 3.2 and there was no Jquery issue , But after Joomla 3.3 update the issue started and in IE i saw that Jquery image slider stopped working . Then i started looking for all jquery plugins to solve it and it did not work . later i also tried mootools slider and that also was a time waste .

Then This was the extension that helped me. Thanks to dev for out of the box solution to the sad jquery issue .

Owner's reply

Thanks for your review ravee1010, I am indeed very glad you use it and it helps your site. As you probably already know, to keep being compatible with IE stay with the jQuery 1.x series.

Have a great summertime,

byravee1010, July 6, 2014
Unite Mobile Menu Optimizer
Was looking for like this from long time !

Its easy to deploy , looks very cool , but would not work in some mobile with old OS or mobile with low resolution. Sometimes its not responsive ..may be its some conflicts that needs to be figured out !

But its free and definitely its going to be popular ........Good work started by dev!!
byravee1010, June 28, 2014
JU Sticky Panel
Its says to do below steps and i did it .
1. In the module config, set Module class suffix: " sticky" (without quote, and remember we have a white space preceded)
2. In the JU Sticky Panel Plugin set Selectors: .sticky
3. That's all, now check the frontend, scroll down your site, you will see the module with class suffix " sticky" is ticked, and when it has been sticking it will be add new class in After detach css class, you can use this class to format sticked element if you want.

But what is that step number ZERO that u have here which says this "You can use Firebug on Firefox to inspect the element you want to stick, then put the class or id or name,...."

I found that the class of top menu that i want to be sticky is nav menu nav-pills
byravee1010, September 26, 2011
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Share Dock Social Network Buttons
Very very nice plugin. would have been more happy if there was a setting page to control the site icons which we need to display and i cant find google plus icon too. If the developer does the above mentioned two changes then would be the best social bookmarking plug-in for sure!!
JB Type
Its is a very Good Extension and would have given 5 Stars but the issue is that the JCE plugin of JB Type styles is not working in Joomla 1.6

Hope the developer updates JCE plugin so that we can use JB Type from the editor window in JOOMLA 1.6