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byray_trace, November 25, 2010
Menu Dependent Items
I used this 2 years ago and it worked great, needed to use it again recently, still great. It basically allows me to conditionally load an additional stylesheet (for CSS overrides) depending on the page the user is on. I use it to change header graphics in sections.

One tip, I got stuck for bit, it seems the module doesn't output the CSS include code unless the physical CSS file with the correct name already exists. Once I figured that out I was fine.
byray_trace, October 21, 2010
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Virtual Domains
Poor documentation and support IMO. But with a lot of tenacity I did get this plug-in working. And it does exactly what I needed, to have multiple domains point to the same joomla site, each with slightly different content. It helps to be a little Apache savvy, I got stuck on how to set up the virtual domain (frame-forwarding, mod_rewrite, using DocumentRoot, etc.) I finally only got it to work using the ServerAlias directive. I'll post more details in the author's forums.
byray_trace, September 3, 2009
In about 3 minutes and I had unique page titles, exactly what I was looking for. Bravo!!
byray_trace, June 27, 2009
Awesome! All I was trying to do was list a side menu with all the articles in all categories within a section (and automagically add new articles when published). I would assume Joomla core modules could do this. Regardless, thanks a bunch :-)