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byrayj, August 24, 2013
Almost awesome. This does EVERYTHING I wanted, and then some. The only problem is the free version has very little documentation, and what little is there is outdated. So setup is very experimental. But once you get it this is the best. And if you think it doesn't do something you want just check the extensions. It's probably in there.
byrayj, July 27, 2011
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I tried to install this on two different websites Both Joomla 1.6. Both where connecting to the database, but would not list products, or categories. Lots of errors all over the page.
There was very little documentation, all on the website for sales. There is no support except with an expensive contract.
Three weeks of work later, I upgraded to joomla 1.7 for security reasons and checked the website. There was a new CARTwebERP for 1.7, only it was $10 and I had payed $5 for the now free 1.6 version. I called Mo, and was told I needed 1.7 version and I had to pay the full amount to get it. I never did get it working so I deleted it instead.
I would never treat a customer like that.
Owner's reply

I am sorry that Rayj had difficulties installing. I think the "errors" were actually failed SQL statements with corresponding installation instructions that point out connection issues and point out missing tables to help get the cart set up quickly. This cart is a bridge and it is important that certain data tables exist in webERP for it to work.

There are 18 pages of documentation for CARTwebERP with 3 links to "How To" videos on There are 4 more pages documenting add ons.

As the seller of a product, I enjoy my right to set the price and change it at any time. At the time of this writing all of my Joomla extensions are free.

Clients that subscribe to our support plans have concluded that our rates are reasonable.

I apologize for anything that upset Rayj.