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byrayres74, January 4, 2010
One thing that stops me from using it! I use CB and what doesn't make sense is in the setup it asks if you want to integrate with CB profile and you say yes. Then you see your CB picture in the User Points profile which is perfect. BUT, then it says to upload an avatar or picture to complete more of your profile but you don't get the upload tab because of your choice to integrate with CB.
If your picture is already there, why doesn't it see this and give you a further completion of your profile?

If I am going to integrate with CB, use CB instead of asking me to upload a separate picture for Alpha user points. Then, the only way to get the upload tab in your AlphaUserPoints profile is to turn off the CB integration. Now you have really separated your profiles and could use two different pics which gets confusing. Not good.

If you can have Alpha User Points see that you have a CB picture already and give you further completion percentage of your profile it would work perfectly..