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Admin Tools Professional
I strongly encourage any joomla webmasters to pay for the professional version of admintools, if for no other reason than for the tools under the web application firewall menu. I used the free version previously but I really can't live without the ability to block potential threats from the sites I manage and this tool makes it easy, with its geographic blocking, security exceptions log, site IP blacklist, etc.
byrayware, May 15, 2012
iJoomla SEO
Like many others, I don't do a lot of reviews and I don't use a lot of extensions that you have to pay for but this tools just makes life so much easier when it comes to fine tuning a joomla website for search engine optimization. It can take a while to add all the keywords to all your site's pages if you have a large site that you never optimized before but this tool makes an unmanageable VERY manageable. I bought it and I really do like it!
byrayware, May 15, 2012
This extension was very easy to install, though the getting started guide was a little briefer than the actual steps involved, but not too hard to get going if you've used any other joomla extensions. It is sooooo nice to have the GAnalytics dashboard within Joomla and the way the dashboard is organized is just super! Way to go you guys! I am indeed impressed and blessed!