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This plugin is great and a real life saver. Takes a little while to figure out (maybe needs some better instructions) but its very easy to configure and set up.

Once its up and running its a REAL LIFE SAVER.. Thanks for making this..

ps. I had to change the CSS file on my template.css & layout.css as when I make the menu use this plugin as its preferred blog layout, it never put each of the articles in their own shaded box, but some CSS fixed that .. Also the hit counter will not appear with this plugin on my site..
Art Feature Carousel
Thanks for making this. Its free and so easy to use, just a simple module install and its done.

The great thing is that you can easily add a caption and hyperlink. Another great feature is that each rectangle thats in the back can be pressed and it roate/slides forward.

Social Slider
Thanks for making this great plugin.. Its so easy to use, just download the module, activate it in a banner position and it works amazing..

(you dont even need the plugin they give).. You can even control which pages to include this on..

We recommend this to all
Shape 5 - Image and Content Fader
This Module is Amazing, great for displaying Pictures and animated text captions - it also lets you hyper link the images and control colour of the text and caption background!

Its so easy to configure in the module area. The great thing is, that is pics up your original sites CSS and template structure

It also allows Animated .Gifs

Note To Devopers: Please allow this to use .swf files

And to make this a super version (or a pro feature) audio files that can be streamed (if the user presses a play button)