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byrbrookesopm, April 22, 2014
Slideshow CK
Definitely ticks all the right boxes. A well build, flexible extension that exceeds all expectations. Just like a fine quality V.S.O.P , it's another top shelf offering from CK.
byrbrookesopm, March 18, 2014
Admin branding
Incredibility easy to install and use. Definitely a must have and a big time saver for personalising back-end branding. For just a couple bucks and a couple minutes to setup, it feels like a brand new admin area. Job well done and top points to the Codeboxr team on this plugin.
byrbrookesopm, January 28, 2014
facebook wall and social integration
I've tried several FB integrators in Joomla! over the years, and nothing comes even close to this. Easy, no-stress installing process, excellent support, incredibly reliable, well featured, and not forgetting the big plus of being completely responsive. Absolutely fantastic module and worth every cent.
byrbrookesopm, December 12, 2013
MarkItUp HTML Editor Pro
I did purchase the pro version a little while back and keep forgetting to add this review. Anyway, in a nutshell - just brilliant! I use MarkItUp HTML Editor Pro everyday and it saves me an ample amount of time writing Joomla! articles, without the ongoing headaches normally associated when producing direct code in a WYSIWYG editor. If your looking for the peace of mind of writing clean, unhindered markup in your Joomla! projects, this plugin is definitely for you. The Pro version is definitely worth every cent. Job well done, and top points the developers on this extension.
byrbrookesopm, December 5, 2013
ARRA User Migrate
Installed, and was migrating users from v2.5 to v3.x in no time at all. Has saved me a heap of time playing around with MySQL DBs between sites, that's for sure. Such an incredibly small price to pay for such a fantastic solution. Job well done and top points to the joomlarra team on this component.