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byrbryanh, June 27, 2012
Komento does what it says, with simplicity and an admirably clean interface. I like it a lot. Not only is it well designed on the surface with an intelligent admin interface, I've found it equally well organized under the hood, which makes customization surprisingly easy.

Even more remarkable is the support provided by StackIdeas, which is superior to anything I've encountered in decades of programming and systems administration… cheerful, competent, generous, and _fast_.

I use both Komento and EasyDiscuss and tend to fuss over my implementations. I don't rave casually, but the support really is remarkable. In some cases, StackIdeas solved my problems while I was cranking out another espresso before sitting down to solve them myself.
byrbryanh, July 31, 2008
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Great product, terrific support.

I had some minor problems with the code, and the developers delivered patches in less than 24 hours, something I've never experienced before in decades of programming. This is particularly impressive given that my problems were with controlling appearances - entirely cosmetic.