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I've been a subscriber of JFBC Connect since they first started. Initially there were some serious growing pains (mostly from facebook changing things on a weekly basis).

But Alex and his team have always persevered and surpassed expectations!

I find myself using this extension even on sites without CB and JS just because of the flawless implementation of of the fB Social Plugins and OG protocols. It really is a one stop show if you want to integrate your site with facebook with no fuss.

The main selling point from their perspective is the Jooomla Facebook log in and associated features, but to me that really is secondary because I don't want another facebok for Joomla. :)

The main selling point for me is all of the modules and plug ins that enhance your site's visibility in facebook without causing any conflicts with other plugins, and the way they have skillfully implemented them.

All in all a wonderful product that far surpasses anything included with the standard JS or CB installations.

I look forward to working with Alex and his team for years to come.

byrdbean, December 8, 2010
Contact Enhanced Component
I've been a customer of Douglas' for well over a year, and have purchased a few extensions from him. The commercial nature is well worth it for what you get.

Not only is his support timely and detailed, but the most personal I've ever seen in the Joomlasphere. He's undoubtedly the nicest developer out there who consistently goes out of his way to support his clients in regards to customization or additions to his products. Well beyond the standard "bug fixes"

I can't recommend him enough. Truly a superb professional.

byrdbean, September 9, 2008
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OSE Webmail™ Client for Joomla!
Works as stated. Simple module.

Would be excellent if the webmail could be configured to open in a wrapper though.
Owner's reply

Good suggestion! Thanks! Will do in the updated version. Will be available next month.