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byrdrewniak, February 10, 2014
This extension (unlike SO many others) gives site developers the ability to customize functionality specifics through the admin panel, without having to hack the original code to pieces. As a web developer, I really appreciate the thought put into this component, as they include what the average user would need from an extension like this, as opposed to disguising major flaws with flashy useless functionality.

Well done!
byrdrewniak, December 27, 2013
Having experimented with MANY different document repository and download management extensions, I can safely say that this is BY FAR the absolute best.

It is user-friendly, extremely well documented within the admin environment, and (most importantly) HIGHLY adaptable for any layout. This should be the benchmark for not just other download management extensions, but every component in general (including the core installation).

Well done, good sir! Well done!
byrdrewniak, April 10, 2013
JO News Slider
This is an extremely limiting slider module. There are no options within the control panel to modify background colors, fonts, text color, or even the slightest layout elements (with the exception of the nav position, height of the slides, and the nav width).

The only way to make these modifications (without tacking your own CSS changes on top of the modules) is to override the module display. At that point, there are MANY other modules out there that will give you the EXACT same front-end result, but without all of the extra work and hassle involved.

This module is a valiant effort, but it SIGNIFICANTLY falls flat in it's execution.
Owner's reply

Thank you for feedback
We will update it in next version
Can you write question in forum, So we can help your
Thank you

byrdrewniak, January 4, 2013
Top of the Page
Worked flawlessly right off the start line. EXCEPTIONALLY simplistic customization options, with absolutely no excessive "pre-built plugin code" that you have to override with copious amounts of CSS. Essentially, if you know BASIC CSS (which you really should if you're doing ANYTHING in a web environment), you should have no problems customizing it 100% to fit your requirements

Also works flawlessly on mobile (the desired avenue for which I am using said plugin).

There's absolutely nothing that I'd change. Well done, my good man!
byrdrewniak, November 8, 2012
Zh GoogleMap
This is quite possibly one of the most well-thought-out, robust Joomla components that I've ever seen!

If God developed websites in Joomla, he'd use this component!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much.
Very interesting comparison :)