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byreadytohelp, March 7, 2012
I have been using the ExtendedReg component now for well over a year. I truly can't express how much additional functionality ExtendedReg brings to Joomla and how anyone that uses Joomla needs to have this component in their arsenal.

The ability to take control of your user registrations, customize and build a true "online application" for membership registrations, and over-all functionality that is brought forth for user management, ExtendedReg does all this and more. My organization would not be where it is now without the services provided by JVitals and the amazing line-up of other add-ons they provide. My organization is to the point that when we build any Joomla website, several of the items provided by JVitals are on our "required" list of add-ons to install first up.

I have to also mention their support department as well, since it is just amazing. Every time we have ever had any issues with ExtendedReg (or any of their other add-ons for that matter), their support department has always followed up very quickly and always get the problem solved. They are very quick to respond to all support requests submitted in the forms, and as always, they are courteous and professional with all their responses.

I don't talk highly of companies very often, but JVitals has gone above and beyond the expectations for the needs of my organization time and time again, and the best way I could demonstrate my thanks is to share my experience with everyone else. I could not give JVitals any higher recommendation, get ExtendedReg, you won't regret it!
I was hesitant at first to purchase this software without knowing for sure if it would meet my organizations needs or not. To say the least, I am not only thrilled about the functionality that JEEMA SMS provides, but the support for this program is really makes it worth it.

I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking for an SMS management system with great flexibility. Implementation was a breeze and over-all very simple to use. It does take a little bit of reading to get the software customized to work with your SMS gateway, but nothing too complicated that requires coding or anything of that nature. If you get stuck, the support department will go above and beyond to try and solve any problems you run in to.

I have tested this software with 3 different SMS gateway providers, and so far they have all worked with minor adjustments and great setup simplicity. I could not give the developer or this program any higher rating or praise and would again highly recommend this software to anyone looking to utilize SMS within their sites.