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byreasterling, December 1, 2011
Super Groups Search
We have been working with the Super Groups "Component" for weeks now and it is worth noting to ALL who intend on using this that it will NOT be possible to replace default toolbar tabs within Social Networks such as JomSocial with it. The language used in its integration abilities is misleading in this respect as only one component can be rendered within Joomla per page load. If you attempt to replace any default tabs of the social component with this extension your tabs will not highlight properly when selected. It seems we have experienced a great deal of miscommunication with the developers at Axxis over this one issue which if they had looked they could informed us of this issue in the beginning rather than us having to find out the hard way from the developers at JomSocial that this was not possible.
Otherwise, the component does exactly what it reports it will do and it does it very well.
byreasterling, February 28, 2011
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GK Weather
We tried using this weather module however the documentation provided is very limited in content for specific settings to configure the module. Lack of any listings for Location and City settings makes it impossible to configure correctly which causes errors to display on the frontend. Attempted to look in the developers forums but was redirected to a membership purchasing page just to access their forums...ludicrous! It may work well IF you know the details which are required to configure it correctly but this developers failure to provide these details in their documentation makes this module in effect useless.
byreasterling, April 9, 2010
Live Support Chat
I have got to say that in the 15 minutes since I installed this mod to my business web site that my jaw is on the floor! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! This is without a doubt the absolute BEST Live Support Chat module I have EVER seen made available to Joomla web sites! It even allows me to chat in the exact same application through EVERY major Instant Messaging program to include Yahoo, MSN, Skype, AOL, Myspace, Facebook etc all at the same time. Everyone just needs to remember to reboot your computers after installing the client to their computers.
If I had to say anything other than positive statements about this mod it could only possibly be a couple of added feature requests. #1 I'd set it up so the client installer required a system restart and #2 Add a sound player that would initiate a sound to be played whenever a chat session was requested. Other than that, like I said this is the best I've seen after nearly 8 years of working with Joomla! Keep up the great work!