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byrecedo, January 25, 2011
Firstly - I would have given 5 stars but nobody's perfect, there are a couple of additions I'd like to see.

I run joomgallery and have been looking for a way to add social bookmarking to it (not included by default or joomgallery plugin which is a little strange). The component has a couple of it's own module positions so I wanted something to plug straight into there. Tried a few of the facebook/twitter modules but none were exactly what I wanted.

This module fitted straight into the gallery, previews worked and I had it looking exactly the way I wanted to within a few minutes.

Documentation on their site is great, considering it's a fairly small and straightforward module they have several pages worth. Would be good to see this level of documentation for more extensions!

In future versions I'd like to see features like the beta sharecount buttons, an option for the 32x32 icons (although I just added " addthis_32x32_style" to the module class suffix and it works fine) and perhaps a dropdown with a few popular combinations of services for the toolbox.

Great module!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the vote and the suggestions recedo. Some of these features (sharecount button, 32x32 icons etc) are already implemented in the plugin version of ValAddThis; a future version for the module will include them as well.

byrecedo, December 29, 2010
I used this component a few years back but moved away from it - although I can't remember exactly why.

My main reason for choosing this gallery over some of the others out there was the uploading interface - it's nice and simple but has some powerful features (like uploading a single zip file full of images) and can be used from both frontend and backend.

The support I have received has been great with my questions being answered well within 24 hours - I even received a reply with an updated file on Christmas Day (not sure if developer celebrates though).

The main con for me is that it is hard to template with the design buried inside the code but the developer has assured me this is being addressed in an upcoming release.

There are lots of other features that I have requested - tags, person tagging, google maps, custom fields etc which would benefit me and probably some others but the basics are there which is the main thing.