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byredmaverick, October 8, 2013
CoalaWeb Traffic
One of the best extensions in the JED and the best in the category of Visitors.Congratulations.I am using coala extensions without any problem until now.Keeu up the good work....
Owner's reply

Wow thanks for such a glowing review it makes me very proud to receive feedback such as this and it also makes all the hours of coding, testing, improving and supporting my extensions worth it. Feel free to drop by the forum with any feature requests you can think of.

byredmaverick, September 25, 2013
I installed the component and it was very good until i posted over 1000 articles.After that the component had some little bugs but when i posted in the forum mr Andrew fixed the problem very fast.The component is the best banner component i have ever used inside joomla and outside joomla.Still have the potential to become top of the tops.Mr Andrew Congratulations.Keep working.You are not only a programmer but you are an artist also...
byredmaverick, September 23, 2013
jQuery Easy
I had conflict between a module and a plugin using motools but when i installed jquery everything fixed.The only problem is that in internet explorer 8 is not supported anymore.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review! Really appreciated.
I do not understand your comment on IE8 however as the plugin itself is browser independent and is not responsible for the scripts that run on site pages.