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byredzero1976, August 6, 2013
OS SobiPro Ajax search
I really love this extension. It's lightning fast, it was easy to edit the CSS to match my site and it is perfect for SobiPro. Furthermore, I contacted support to request help with something that normally most extension providers would have charged extra for and they did it for free for me. I'm really happy... 5 stars.
byredzero1976, February 19, 2013
Improved AJAX Login & Register
These guys produce unusually great products. This login is a great way to modernize a Joomla site. Works on all browsers, mobile, etc. I've use their Vertical Menu as well and am very happy. Had one support request with the login because it was conflicting with the old Google Map.. by the time I wrote the support request, they had already fixed the bug in the latest version.. The got back to my request in 24 hours and the new version of the extension did, in fact fix the conflict. Very happy customer.
byredzero1976, May 12, 2012
AuthorLink Element for Zoo
This really helps my site. It gives me the ability to integrate Jomsocial and Zoo, which means I can build any app I want for me social network. Installation was quick and it worked effortlessly. A little CSS and I am all set... Thank you for this extension.
byredzero1976, June 28, 2011
KC Admin QuickIcons
I really like this extension. I use it a little differently. I moved the KC Quick Icons to the Title module position in the Joomla 1.6 Bluestork template. I use the icons to give my clients nice big buttons that they most commonly use (Articles, Images, Menu, Modules). Note: to put it in the title position you also have to add some code to the template.css of Bluestork so it fits.. Works great and clients love it!
JCH Optimize
I couldn't be happier...

I tried enabling every option.. I use Yoothemes, Rocketthemes, etc and the only thing I had to turn off where the CSS Sprites in one of my Yoothemes, but my load time was still dramatically reduced. Can't wait to apply this to the rest of my sites. Thanks!
byredzero1976, February 11, 2010
Couldn't be happier. Love how it integrates with Joomla User data, love the new conditional Hide/Show feature and love being able to use an extension like this to create forms and store my data on my server, not elsewhere.