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reg breadoflife

byreg breadoflife, August 19, 2012
Not too sure why this is popular, it started out okay, but after using it for a few weeks, there is obvious problems. Perhaps I am an idiot, but when making newsletters, the menu's seem to get cached, making duplicates of newsletters that I am unaware of with the same time, then after refreshing a few times it shows up with a different heading or ID, editing is hit or miss, sometimes the editing screen comes up, sometimes it takes me straight to a preview screen. Then when i go to send out the newsletter it sometimes picks the wrong ID, thus resulting in the wrong mailout and the mailout screen also randomly comes up with 2 different versions of it, one with the "send" and another without. There are also display issues between the preview and what your actually editing, they don't always match, thus requiring messing around with the html after the newsletter was generated before mailout.