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byregisteredToReview, November 19, 2012
BreezingForms (Lite)
I downloaded this extension for a project website for college, and so far the functionality of the extension is good. It's pretty easy to set up a simple contact form with QuickMode, and I haven't had any trouble using BreezingForms.

However, what I don't like and why I wanted to leave a review is the amount of javascript placed in the source code of the page. For just a simple form with 5 fields there is a 230-line script in the header, along with a 70 line inline script and a couple 2-6 line inline scripts. All the js makes it difficult to read through the source code of the page. Maybe there's a reason the 230 and 70 line scripts absolutely had to go into the source code rather than being placed in an external js file... but when over 300 lines out of 486 are javascript, that seems a bit much to me.
Owner's reply

Yes the reasons are that a good part of this js is generated but also to save http requests.