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byreinhold.k, January 2, 2014
An excellent free Joomla extension that does exactly what it says: It simply displays all articles of all selected categories. That's a feature I was severaly missing in the default Joomla category view.

I've created a patch to order by default article ordering (ascending / descending), let's see if the author includes that patch.

I see two areas for further improvement:

1) Currently, all category headers are printed as , while I would prefer them to be . That would make it much easier to have consisten styling across the whole site.

2) I would prefer the list to look like the default Joomla article list (articles in a category), just with multiple categories rather than for one.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the feedback.
The patch is in the version 1.10.
I appreciate your help!

What do you mean with your first improvement? Where are kommas(,) and where dots(.)?

Maybe if you have time you can contact me and explain it to me a little more detailed.

byreinhold.k, July 11, 2013
Virtuemart Synthetic Dashboard
This extension is one of the most useful extensions for VM. As soon as you go to the admin area, you quickly see at a glance the status of your shop, how many orders came in lately, how the sales figures changed over the last few months, etc.
byreinhold.k, January 14, 2013
MP3 Browser
I'm using this plugin to provide sample recordings on the Homepage of the String Trio that I manage. It simply works, is easy to handle, and the GUI is just right.

I cannot reproduce the problems some other reviewers experiences.
byreinhold.k, October 31, 2012
I am a small publisher of music scores, where each edition has scores for several different instruments and score types. This plugin allows my customers to choose their complete orchestra material and other scores from one table and with one add to cart button.

Thanks to CSS and the use of styles throughout the plugin, the table can be formatted at will.

Only the final order confirmation and the invoice does not group the child products, but that's not the purpose or fault of this plugin.