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byreivaj01, January 9, 2013
ACL Manager
The extension works fine.

I had a small problem with the Joomla database and obtained excellent support in five minutes.

Thank you and go ahead with the extension.
byreivaj01, November 23, 2011
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En Masse
I have a few years working with Joomla, and throughout this time, I could use over 100 different components.
I've seen everything, better and worse, but "en masse" is the only one that I felt cheated.
The software has bugs incredible that anyone with 10 days of experience does not write.
The mail system works randomly, sending less than 50% (on a ecommerce website!).
I have found documentation completely outdated and erroneous in several essential points.
In the documentation, you can clearly see that using the starter acymailing software can perform a number of features that do not exist and then forced to hire enterprise version (90 USD per year).
The translations are not covered at 100% and I have had tio change over 25 php source files when upgrading to a new version lost.
The window for uploading images is ridiculously small, and you can not manage it well, and wrote a series of unintelligible characters to manage the backslash in directories.

For almost all, the usual solution is that I should disable the "display_errors" or non-error, but features. All in all a shame.
In this situation, on november 10 I decided to request a refund to the sales department. He replied, Daniel Tang, "the Chief Techie" who asked me to leave 2 days to think. Today we are ending the day 23, 16 days later and still waiting.

Among the errors expected and has already spent almost the month for which I paid $ 120. They have cheated me and I will not see my money again, but I put this comment so no one else to fall into their trap.

Would that all the money I have stolen, they have to spend it on doctors.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

There are many other users that had used the same application and it is working well for them, seems to me that you failed to customize the extension yourself, due to your lack of understanding of the coding structure of our extension.

We did receive your ticket, but your issues that you highlight is general description of issues like you highlighted in your review. (The code is bad?)

For the email issue, I will suspect is from server setting issues that you are having, but you did not provide us sufficient information for us to assist you in.

For the issue of the Email system (ACYMailer), we are restricted by the ability of the components that you used for integration and this is highlighted in our website.

As for your request of refunded, we waited for a long time (I think is around 10 days) from you to give us a clearer explanation on what do you mean by poor code quality, so that our team could improve and do the refund, as this is also stated clearly as our refund policy.

If you are not happy with our products, we will be glad to do an refund, but we find that it is important for us to learn from each refund case the reason why.

On top of that, after a long, finally you replied and although the reasons are vivid again, we decide to approve the refund, which we need your paypal receipt for refund, which you have yet to send us.

We appreciate positive feedback on our system and coding and we have learn a lot through that for the past 12 months since we launched and we appreciate it...

I will personally appreciate that you could give constructive suggestion then to keep screaming around saying that the things is bad, but without clearly let us know.

Will hope for an constructive feedback and suggestion... and I am still waiting for your paypal receipt for refund.

Daniel Tang, Chief Geek.