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I have been using this outstanding plugin for 8 months and I can't say enough how it simplifies my Joomla website's HTTP header maintenance nightmare!

My only gripe is sometimes I want more room to insert CSS and JS scripts in the head section. Sometimes 5 fields each for CSS and JS is not nearly enough.

Other than that, this is a very nicely coded plugin.

One wish Blackdale might do in the next version is to handle different CSS/JS files for different pages, say, one set for the frontend and another for the other pages since most of the times, the frontend needs the most CSS/JS/jQuery/MooTools etc, etc...Here's waiting for the next update.

Keep up the great job!
byrelativity, June 14, 2012
Akeeba Subscriptions
I just launched my renovated subscription page with Akeeba Subs and my first impression is it beats the pants off my old subs component (named Paypal Subscription Pro? or something to that effect) for $0??? Huh? Is this a trick?! Great work, Nicholas!

Anyhoo, I would like to request a few additional features. One is to extend the 'import data' to cover my old subs component. That would be very appreciated. If not, is there a way to manually recreate the subscribers by importing from Joomla users database? I know I still have to read the nice PDF manual that came with Akeeba Subs.

Another is that, although the separated 'trial' subscription may be good for someone's site, I think my site would be better with an integrated trial, then to the fully paid version. Can this be included as an option? My old creaky subs component worked this way so I know Paypal can be configured that way.

Many Thanks!
Owner's reply

Hi Rick and thank you for your review!

I would be interested in creating an import feature from your old subscription system. I just need a database dump of its tables so that I can figure out how to do that. Please use the Contact Us link on our site (it's at the bottom of the page) to send me an email.

Regarding trial subscriptions it is possible, but not in the automatic-charge-after-the-trial-expires kind of way. You can create "trial" subscription levels with a price of 0, checking the "Forbid renewal" checkbox. This creates a free (trial) subscription level which can be used only once per user. This idea was actually proposed in another review on this site and implemented since a couple of versions ago :)