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byrenegadeiceberg, March 24, 2013
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
new to google analytics overall and really didn't want to paste code in all of my joomla pages, so i gave this a shot. simply enable the plugin and put in your UA-xxxxxxxx-x code and save it.

now figuring out google analytics i'm sure won't be as easy but this plug in was a huge time saver.
byrenegadeiceberg, February 9, 2013
i put out a post on their forums asking where some mods were and at midnight on a friday night, i got a reply.

support - top notch.

product - the same.

this is my first review i've done on joomla extensions but it's the first time i've honestly felt it was warrented. all i want when i pay for something is an honest effort in return.

you get that here. easily.

these guys "get it".
byrenegadeiceberg, January 2, 2009
all i wanted was supposed to be simple. give me a joomla componant to manage my phpbb3 forums. like skydk, i tried the same componant and it hosed my dev joomla setup. i couldn't log in to my site as it would simply give me "error 500". i couldn't log into the admin panel of joomla either, so i was hosed. ok, maybe *i* messed up. it happens. so i built 3 more joomla/phpbb3 sites from scratch and each and every time i got the same result. failure to log in.

the setup for this one was a hack. unzip this in this folder. unzip this in another folder. recode this or that...far from my simple joomla componant i wanted.

so in my desire to get this done, i found jfusion, or they found me perhaps (grin) and in very short order not only where all my login problems fixed, but they setup another fresh site for me w/phpbb3 installed and used jfusion (it's a simple componant, no manual hacking necessary - WAHOO!).

their support is the best i've seen to date on joomla componants and their willingness to go however far it takes to help the customer will make this the "go to" app for bridging not only phpbb3 but *ALL* major forums out there. this componant is simply that good and that simple to use.

with the quality of the product coupled with their customer service, this is likely to be THE bridge to use for everyone in very short order.