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byrenejdm, June 2, 2012
Slideshow CK

I am rating this fair (2 stars) even though I could not get this to work. I even disabled jsquery on other components/templates because I am aware of the potential conflict. Usually when I try a component/plugin/module I can at least get something, but this product -- nothing! Thus the 2 stars.

It looks good though on your website and the backend looks good.

I simply do not have the time (I already spent 2 hours on this) to make this work.

Looking on the forum I can see that there are many other people with the same difficulties. The module does not even show up.

But keep up the good work. I am sure when the bugs get worked out this will be a great tool.

Owner's reply

as you know joomla does not loads Jquery natively, so all extensions with jquery load its own file which causes some difficulties. Anyway I have a forum where I try to help solving these issues

byrenejdm, September 30, 2011
JCK Editor
I downloaded and installed the free version of JCKEditor 3.4.7 as well as the Editor Manager Lite. Alone these components are average. And there is not to much you can do to configure the editor. The standard editor TinyMCE is more powerful in this respect. I have front end submissions in my website and I do not want users to browse the server for images. There is no parameter to turn this off.

There is no support whatsoever. I tried going to the support forum to ask questions and I just get redirected to a page that asks for money. So I am posting my concerns (and disappointment) here. I do not mind paying for a component that is good, but I would like to be able to test it first.

Also, I have no confidence when I can not even get basic forum (pre-sales) support.

Perhaps everything is good with the paid version.
Owner's reply

Dear renejdm, the lite version is a basic version of the JCK Manager Pro, obviously this has limited functionality otherwise it wouldn’t be a lite version! We even have a plug-in which you could have downloaded & installed into this very basic version to disable the upload, it’s called ‘Disable File Upload’ and has been published on our repository for well over a year!

We have 2 parts to our forums, a free area and a professional area, both are very clearly labelled. In fact it says “This is the FREE area…” and it appears 1st at the very top of our forums and doesn’t require a subscription.
It’s a real shame that you navigated past this area down to the bottom and attempted to post your query in the area label “For Subscription Users ” and didn’t take the time to read this. We also have a pre-sales enquiries contact form which you could have contacted us via.

We place a very high value on our customers and would have been very happy to help you.