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byrepercussionist, July 31, 2012
Event Booking
I love this extension. So feature-rich! You could download five separate extensions trying to get the same features contained in this one.

I have been using this extension for years and have renewed my support multiple times. Support is responsive and friendly, and what can I say, I love it!

We use its events calendar and reservations system heavily, and we are looking forward to using its new front-end features so I no longer have to export information from the back-end for the members of our organization. In general, this is a forward-thinking piece of software, and worth its cost.
byrepercussionist, July 31, 2012
I have spent days trying to migrate my 1.5x site to 2.5x. Days of prepping and days of trying to get jUpgrade to work. I kept getting errors from something in my banners module from day one. I tried every trick in the book from their forums and confirmed everything was exactly as it was meant to be in my setup, but still nothing.

I was told by support in their forum to skip migration of the component that was giving the error, which I did, and migration to complete successfully. But how would I manually migrate the problem component?

That's the whole problem with these out-of-the-box solutions when they don't work. If I knew how to roll up my sleeves and start rooting around in php and sql, I would hardly need an out-of-the-box solution, would I?

I suppose this would work fine if you're looking to automate a manual process that you're capable of executing, but if you're looking for a component to handle something you don't have the skill set for, this might not be the best choice.

After several days of this, it's worth spending the money on a commercial solution and be done with it, in my opinion. I suppose you could pay for the support or whatever the option is, but again, I don't want to pay for more days of a process that I just want to be over.