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byresearchware, January 24, 2014
Art Table
We have a variety of MySQL databases that registered users and admin of our web site need to access. ArtTable has been the quickest and easiest tool to make that data available is a viewable, searchable form. Artetics products are affordable and easy to install and use. Documentation is sparse, but most steps are intuitive or can be understood from the limited documentation. My only criticism would be that then need to integrate with the Joomla 2.x and up extension update mechanism so that when new version of ArtTable are available, current users get notified. Overall, we highly recommend ArtTable
byresearchware, June 6, 2010
I just spent 2 days comparing nearly every social bookmarking plugin listed on and ValAddThis is by far the best. As I have been using it, one improvement that would really increase its already considerable versatility came to mind. If you could CHOOSE whether you want a button OR toolbox for EACH of the front page, section/category blogs, or full articles. Don't waste time looking at others, including AddThis's own plugin. This is the one to choose.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for the vote and the feedback too! I will keep on improving the plugin and in the next release I'm going to implement your idea with an option to choose any type of AddThis for each Joomla "view".

byresearchware, November 17, 2009
The Geocode Factory
I tried the Community Builder Geocoding extensions from AngryNinjas, but the geocoder required legacy mode, still didn't work, and I never got a response form their support. Then I tried "The Geocode Factory for CB". Forget the rest, this one is fantastic!. Geocoding worked perfectly. I had one little problem with a map (turned out to be user error), but the support was fast and very helpful. Great mapping features such as clustering and more. This is the one to use.
byresearchware, July 28, 2009
Include Component
One of my Joomla frustrations is that there is content generated by certain components that can only be accessed via a menu item and the component provided no means to provide introductory text to guide the person access the materials or fucntion. This little plug in solves all that. It lets you embed any component (i.e. anything you can get to as a menu item) in an article. The only challenge for beginners is racking for component parameters from the makers of the component you want to embed since they must be passed as URL parameters rather than select from checkboxes, etc. Mike was very helpful with a minor problem that turned out to be a template artifact and not related to his plugin at all.