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Chrono Connectivity
I first tried ChronoEngines two other extensions, ChronoForms and ChronoComments, which are outstanding!

So, after the experience I had with those components, I decided to tryout ChronoConnectivity to create a page that pulled very specific data from with the DB table.. this thing is awesome! Very simple, but very powerful.

Oh, did I mention this was the first time I have ever used a DB query?? Or written ANY WHERE statements, etc?? The forum on has very useable info and when I posted a question it was always answered at light speed!

I was able to create, essentially what would've been a custom component, in about 30 mins.. at that's because I'm a newb at MySQL (Graphic Designer by prof. :D )

And most of all, if you're tired of downloading free extensions with support that matches the 'you get what you pay for' cliche', check these guys out!

Most importantly, lets all support developers like this. These guys are helpful to the highest degree, have developed truly great extensions and only ASK for us to buy a license to remove the credits in the footer. No encryption, to hassles,.. these guys are role models for the rest of us!

Great job and thank you again Max (and Bob) for all you help and support!
byrevive, October 10, 2008
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This form tool is so easy to use, it's mind boggling! The AJAX makes it super intuitive and the support is second to NONE!
Every question I have had I could either 1) easily find in the forum, or 2) Was posted a topic and the Admin (aka Max) or forum guru Greyhead (aka Bob) answered my post so fast it made my head spin!

These guys are awesome! The component works great, is super flexible and best of well, it's well supported.

It's extensions like this that we all should try out, and if we continue to use them in production sites, help the development by buying a license or donating.. these guys are by no means geedy.. these are the type of developers we should be supporting as users!

Great job Chronoengine team!
Akeeba Backup
Wow,.. I read the reviews, but they fail (as mine will probably also) truly describe how simple, hands-off and stable this Back-Up Solution is! I am truly impressed,.. and with it, won't be running into errors during PhpMyAdmin sessions that corrupt a whole DB file!! Yeah, fun!

Thanks again for a great solution,..

Anyone looking for a solid, very simple and hands off backup, look no further. Install, configure easier than ANY other component,.. and let it do it's job.