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I concur with others about the per page (or better, per video) "play immediately" parameter.

Some other ideas:

* specify a black border (size in pixels) around the videos

* allow use of a picture (jpg) which gets replaced by the video when clicked on--this might be a frame in the video, or the frame with some text on it, or another image altogether, say, the DVD box of a movie

* specify frame from which to take the "clickable image" that starts the video

* specify a starting audio volume for the video...i'm always startled by these things, not sure how my browsers get their idea of a volume level

I'm new to Joomla, so dunno if this makes sense, but these parameters could be set as follows:

{flv}My_First_Birthday; border=40; autoplay=off; viewframe=322; repeat=no; volume=50}

Thanks a million for making this.