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byrfornefeld, November 9, 2012
I downloaded this extension in early October 2012 as the description met with my exact requirements. Installation was uncomplicated and the settings/option in the backend straight forward.

I can get the module to list the contents of a folder (as promised) in the frontend and use the file upload feature there successfully.

However, when it comes to clicking on a file listed (to download), I receive either a 404 or 500 error.

I am not a developer and my technical knowledge is basic at best. However, I do believe the problem to lie with either URL-rewriting/SEO-friendly URLs (have tried turning on/off various options) and/or encryption of the actual download links that this extension generates.

Since then, I have made numerous attempts at contacting the developer via e-mail, his website form, facebook, etc. but without any reply whatsoever.

I even made a 10 Euro donation on the 17th October 2012 to solicit some help but again no response.

I really like the look and operation of this extension, however what use is it to me when it does not actually allow me to download files in the frontend?

Thus, I am fairly disappointed.