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byrhantson, January 30, 2012
What? Nothing!
Unbelievable! I was expecting more out of this extension, but I got so little - that I was overly impressed! In fact, I wasn't expecting so little from such a great componant.

If you are looking to do a lot less... then you definately need to get this extension... it is probably the least than you ever imagined!
Owner's reply

I will keep working to offer you less and less.

byrhantson, July 3, 2010
Akeeba Backup
Backup is not the only use for this extension... developers who provide "mockups" for their clients on different servers will find this tool useful in being able to quickly (and with only a few clicks) transfer the finished product to client servers... whether you are creating a ZIP file that you can then load onto the server, or DIRECT FTP the site to the new location, you can take your backups and have them restored in less than a few minutes. This tool is a MUST HAVE for ANY Joomla installation! Hat's off to Akeeba Backup for simplifying my life!

My only request... can we get this extension to keep my coffee cup filled up while I'm working?
byrhantson, September 21, 2009
In looking over the manual - which is also still in development - - this componant looks extremely promising. The site leaves very little to look at however, and no description of the componant itself (Had to search google to find the manual).

I think once they get some sort of payment method in place, and the ability to select seating arrangements, they will have a fantastic opportunity on their hands to fill a major need in Joomla Extensions!

Keep up the development - and we hope to see good things from this one.
Z Weather
This is one of the better weather modules/componants available for Joomla. Installation is quick, easy, however, you MUST follow the directions precisely - anyone just slapping this into their site WILL have issues doing so.

Weather forecasts are derived directly from the National Weather Service, and are updated "on the fly"...

This is definately a great mod/com for US sites wishing to put weather on their websites.
byrhantson, January 21, 2009
Having not upgraded this component in quite a long time (Previous version was doing just fine for me), I decided to grab a new download for a new install on a site, and all I can say is WOW!

First off, out of the box, everything installs quickly and it's Joomla 1.5 Native Ready!!! Big Plus these days...

Getting around in the new layout takes a few seconds, and you wind up with a few "what is this for?" thoughts, but as soon as you play, you have this thing figured out quickly and easilly...

Not sure what the other complaints about it is, as you can configure just about every aspect of this now, and it's pretty easy to do so. (Granted, having some CSS knowledge helps in making it look the way you want it to, but then again - you can't please everyone Hasslehoff!)

I highly recommend this to those looking for a fast and simple calendar system for their site... it covers just about all the bases... have a few suggestions for features, but this neither the time nor the site to post that...

Kudos Guys! Keep up the great work!