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byrhocke, February 23, 2009
Event Registration Pro
This product lacks some crucial functionality which some of its competitor’s whom provide free software (of course you should donate) provide. Yes, Registration Pro is the most comprehensive registration Joomla software available and does the job fairly well. However, the software lacks in the following areas which keep it from being great. Here are some of my findings;
1. There is no way to add repeating events. If you have events which repeat – say once a week for 8 weeks you must add each event separately.
2. There is absolutely no sorting capability on the grid views. You get nice search features with color coded categories but absolutely no way to sort the data on event, date/time, price or anything. So if you have large amounts of events - the end users will need to comb through that information.
3. Because of the previous 2 points using this system as an “Events” listing is out of the question, at least for me. What I mean is turning off the registration component and only using the registration capability as needed. Though this can be done its wise not to if you have more than 50 events because it will becomes difficult to manage. I was hoping to use this system to manage 600 – 1200 events yearly but only using the registration component for maybe 5 % and most of the events I wanted to use this system for were repeating. Maybe the system was not intended to be used this way?
4. Where’s the Calendar? Need I say more……. I know it’s coming but your competitors have it as a plug-in for free.
5. The documentation lacked troubleshooting information – like what to do when the Search and Reset buttons just don’t appear on the search page? Hmm!
6. How do you change that (YYYY-MM-DD) for the date search – maybe (DD-MM-YY or YYYY)?
7. No forum on the Joomla Show Website – at least I could not find the forum. I found this interesting but only after I purchased the software.
8. It would be nice if there were some solid reporting system that could be used to generate news letters to registered users of a web site. I don’t mean registered users of an event but through Community Builder. I would be nice to send listings of events that can distributed using email.
I did try to contact the folks at Joomla Showroom several times for questions but never got any response about some of these issues – not all of them. I would not give them high marks for customer support and when charging $119.00 for a product I expect much, much more. One of the competing products to Registration Pro is EventList1.0 and with the plug-ins available is a very solid product. Make sure that before you buy Registration Pro you thoroughly do your homework and evaluate several products, especially if you are being asked to spend $$.
I think if the developer enhances this product to include some of these suggestions this product will be well worth the money. By allowing your product to be more easily used like a basic events listing will go along way. And a forum would be nice.
For all the development that has gone into this system – it is on the verge of being unstoppable and though I have heavily criticized this software it meant only to help make the product better.
Owner's reply

Since this post is over a year old I thought I would reply just so that there is clarity that we have added most every item above that has been listed.
1. Added
2. Added
3. N/A
4. Added
5. Updated
6. Added
7. We do not use a forum for support. We have a more personable support ticketing system.
8. This comment was irrelevant. This is an event registration system, not a newsletter component.