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byrholzler, October 17, 2014
Content Filter
Fantastic plugin. Worked right out of the box and does exactly what it says. I found it ease to understand and use.

Great Job!
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Thank you so much for the review.

Team Function90

byrholzler, May 23, 2014
iJoomla Surveys
I tried this extension for two different projects. It is easy to use and setup as long as you are working on simple surveys.

When I encountered problems with a more complicated project I found that the documentation/manual was missing and I was not able to find any kind of how-to info or videos. I did eventually get an answer via the support forum. The reply was polite, informative and as timely as I could expect from a free component.

I gave the product 3 out of 5 stars because it lacked documentation and had a limitation of one skip action per page.
byrholzler, October 25, 2012
Easy Accordion
This is a great product with one major drawback. I have been using it for several weeks now and I have developed a love hate relationship with it. You see, I find that occasionally, when I save the module, all of the data disappears! Then I have to re-do all of the work from scratch. This has cost me about 4 hours just this week. I have learned that I should copy the source code (HTML) to notepad before I save, just in case it looses everything when I save.

If you are dealing with lots of data or save frequently, you have been warned.
Owner's reply

You say that you are inputting HTML into the module. If you are using the default Joomla MCE editor are you using the HTML editing function. If you just paste HTML into the opening input it will save stuff such as blocks of Javascript but it doesn't display them. You need to click the little blue button labelled HTML. The editor is not part of the module but of Joomla.This is not a function of the module but of Joomla and also of this type of editor in general. When you save your code if the code was lost there would be no output on your web page.

If you click the little blue HTML button you will find your code. Some other editors have similar functions. Perhaps the button could be bigger but the editor is not part of the module but of Joomla.

If you don't like this kind of editor because you prefer to enter code rather use the the standard input go to the Global Configurations in Joomlas site menu and then select either no editor or codemirror.

byrholzler, October 4, 2012
I really like the idea and it works as advertised. Just a couple of minor issues...The settings are not in English. When I tried to use less than 5 links in Link Group 1, I could not get rid of the sample links. A quick edit of the mod_jumpmenu.xml to remove the default links and link text fixed that.
byrholzler, October 14, 2011
Tag Meta
Tag Meta really helped me close the gap in my SEO. It was easy to install and use. When I had a question, their support was there to help right away.

I couldn't be happier with the product.
byrholzler, April 7, 2010
First and foremost the component was not intuitive and I found it overly complicated.

Second, while testing, I discovered that the form I was developing was automatically placed on every page of the website! Wow was I surprised by that.

Third, when I could not remove the form quickly from the live pages, I uninstalled the component and CRASHED THE ENTIRE SITE (the reason i rated it so low).

It looks like a great product, but it was just too much work to get a simple contact form with a couple of extra fields.
Owner's reply

Considering all the things the extension is doing of course is not that simple to use, although, as you could see on the other reviews is not that complicated.

The form is displayed on all the pages if the module is installed. It IS NOT installed by default, so you installed it from the control panel of the component. Maybe you should read the instructions before pressing buttons that you don't understand what they do.

The problem on removal is also generated by you activating the module and not remove it after you remove the component.

A simple question on the support forum would had fixed both this problem in less then 30 seconds. You chose to post this review instead. Thank you. :(