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byrhymeroyal, December 10, 2013
Multiple Locations Google Map
I must say that Google maps are a great asset to any website.
Over the years I have tried almost every module, so I was interested in this one.

All modules are "easy to use" but this one REALLY IS and its FREE.

TEN Locations with = logos for each location + marker, Title, Address Lines, Phone, Fax plus a few other Parameters.

I am behind the Great Fire of China, so Google is sometimes slow but not with this module, it is amazing fast.
The pluginvalley website may look a bit OTT but the products are really good and well worth using

Top marks go to this module and the developer
Owner's reply

thanks mate!
your comments are giving us power..

BTW may be our site look OTT but you know WE ARE ALWAYS ONLINE FOR HELP AND SUPPORT!!!


byrhymeroyal, October 7, 2012
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Having been a user on the first versions of this component since 2008, I still find it hard to get a straight answer to errors and bugs that appear.

The developers do a great job of upgrading it on a regular basis, and with the 'You can not go back' versions mean that once you upgrade you're stuck with it.

The component works straight 'from the box' as long as your box is Kunena shaped.

Should you get a bug or error then support is VERY slow and only comes from Kunena users, and the Kunena forum has so many "only post in the right category' you request for help will get moved and moved and maybe your never get an answer.

A good component is one that works 90% of the time and the other 10% comes from Support, Kunena has 2% Support.

It is interesting to read back in the reviews and note that in 2009 "This will become one of the best Joomla! Forums at all".
Well, in 2012 it still is having issues.

Good Support is just as important as a good component, maybe more.
byrhymeroyal, June 26, 2012
Simple Spotlight
I have been using this module on my old Joomla 1.5 sites so when I upgraded I need a module that would not mess up the site.

After trying a lot of modules that use javascript, mootools & jquery, I decided to forget about how to work around all the conflicts and just use ONE module to cover the whole site.

Forget about the Banner Component, Forget about banner rotators, forget about paying money and then waste a week fixing a conflict.

This module is all you need as it can be linked to any page,
opening to the same window or a new window, you can set the images to move in all directions because this module has many controls for speed, transition, and size
This a very powerful and useful module to use.

Works straight from the box and it's FREE.
byrhymeroyal, June 20, 2012
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SP Upgrade
With several or one Domain to upgrade this component is a must

The component is Excellent
The layout is Excellent
The support is even more Excellent

Buy the SP upgrade start the migration to an easy site

Questions to the support are answered almost instantly

It does want it says on the tin

byrhymeroyal, March 31, 2012
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jFirewall IDS
I installed this on my site and within minutes it had blocked an attack.

It is simple to install and the support service is really fast.

I would say that it is a security MUST for any site

100 out of 100
byrhymeroyal, October 19, 2011
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My site had Jevents installed when I took it over and I didn't know much about it.

The component was easy to con-fig and the modules worked fine.
I want to make make my site a bit more interesting so I joined the Club as a silver Member and WOW all the add-ons, plug-ins and modules that it has just made everything come to life.

The basic version is good but that €40.00 was the best money spend and now it has some relly great addons, with the Managed Locations Addon, Simple Events Registration, Standard Image Uploads plus lots of other stuff

My members can add events, add photos and now add maps.
I just sit back and watch.
The support is first class and now I am adding my own little coding to it

Get the basic component BUT get the Silver Downloads and make life and your site better
byrhymeroyal, March 19, 2011
This is one of the best weather mods on the market, because it is small and fits in just anywhere and I have it on two sites using two different severs.

BUT almost like clockwork (2 months) it throws an error which just gives you a white page or a error in the googleweather.class.php

So when the errors happens WATCH OUT
Owner's reply

The issue with RokWeather pertained to the Google API and its gradual removal from Google's data servers. RokWeather now uses Yahoo and Wunderground, so please download an update to get the module working again:

byrhymeroyal, November 24, 2010
CountDown-Up Big
Having looked at so many different scripts and trying countless Joomla Modules I must say that this module is by far the most versatile one and it is VERY easy to sent up and looks really smart.
Full marks for the Module, I just wish others can come up with designs that fit the needs of the user as good as this
Owner's reply

Very nice. Thank you!