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Reviews(3), March 27, 2011
Easy to install and configured in just a few seconds - be warned it starts working straight away so you need to login again with the new URL after enabling the plugin!

Not sure how effective it would be against a determined hacker but certainly gives me a bit more peace of mind. Thanks for developing it and sharing it - great plugin.
Owner's reply

You are correct, a determined hacker willing to employ brute force against the plugin might be able to get past a key less than 8 characters long. Remember, getting past AdminExile doesn't get them logged in, just to the login screen.

So, standard password rules should apply. Long keys with a mix of upper and lower case letters and numbers will be the most secure., March 5, 2011
Encrypt configuration
Feel a lot more comfortable now knowing my form data is encrypted.

Really good component, installs and works straight away without any configuration at all. Can't ask for much more than that! Thanks., March 5, 2011
Best plugin I have come across so far for Joomla (and it works with 1.6 too).

Still pinching myself as it installed without any problems and worked first time! Oh, and the syntax to embed into an article couldn't be much simpler.

Just enable the plugin and you're away. Would have taken hours to program this manually.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!