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byrichiep, June 10, 2010
After realizing this component was underdeveloped and not what I need I decided to delete the component. When I did so I get an error message on every single page of my site.

I wrote tech support about it and they told me it wasn't their problem. Even though the error messages have paths that point to RSEvents.

If you like wasting time, money and having a broken website this is the component for you, everyone else stay away from this bogus component.
Owner's reply

As we have explained but you did not understand, the errors you received were not related to RSEvents!. The files that PHP was trying to load were never in the original RSEvents! package - either you or your developer has made changes.

Unfortunately, instead of giving us access to your website so that we could help you (even though it was not our fault) you chose to leave this review and never reply again on your support ticket.

byrichiep, July 31, 2008
RSform Pro
When you think of the complexity and variation of web forms it becomes clear that the RSForm development team has taken on a huge task. And they've done a great job at developing a powerful form generating and data handling system.

I've been doing web work for 10 years, RSForm Pro has taken my productivity to a level that I would have never thought possible. It's been revolutionary for my web; you could compare it to when I first started using DreamWeaver and CSS years ago. I'm able to move from concept to design to the live site in record time. As a result I can really focus on the needs of the non profit I work for instead of tweaking html/php files and ftp-ing. It's allowed me to think beyond the time constraints and complexities of tweaking php or other processing scripts.

That's not to say it's all roses, there's still a learning curve and there are still a few bugs in the Pro version. But don't fret, the RSForm forums are vibrant and helpful. Tech support is timely, knowledgeable and helpful.

While RSForm Pro could be described as robust there are some short comings. For example a module allows you to display the results of form submissions on the front end using custom html. This is certainly a helpful feature but you can't edit the records from the front end. But I'm confident these shortcomings will be addressed by the development team in the near future.

In summary my experience has been this is the most effective, time saving, productivity boosting, quality enhancing component I've installed for Joomla! And the price is incredibly reasonable, under priced even at €14.25.

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