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byrichirich, January 25, 2012
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DID NOT WORK FOR my joomla 1.7 and it was a waste of money and time!
The developer tried for a full week to help but could not resolve the issue. Spent over 5 hours in correspondence, creating ftps, temp admin access, testing, playing with different configuration, etc. and at the end it still would not work.
No refund at the end of this and Paypal does not protect non-tangible items.
issues were:
1- One email gets posted and the rest would not post anymore so i had to delete the account and recreate it only to pull another email

2- When the 1 Email was posted, the title did not make sense, even after after turning their recommended instructions on and off

3- Password field saved in is in plain text format!!! big security risk!

Stay away or look for another extension.
Owner's reply

About point 1: You know that we test in your admin. Extension work with one of our email boxes, with other gmail based also, only with your email not. I dont know what problem have your host and email box. You can use other email, right?
About point 2: Subject of email going to title of content item. Joomla 1.6/1.7 have duplicate content protection based on titl alias. You have tested many times with only one message and only one title. Would not work in this way.
About point 3: Yes, you have right for this point, will be fixed in next week.